5+ Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes – 2019 Guide (Pick Your Favorite)

You love your cat but you’re getting tired of always having to clean the litter box every time she uses it? Ever thought of trying a best automatic cat litter box to get rid of the trouble? If you never thought about it, you really should consider this option as such a device will save you a lot of time and allow you to pick up after your cat twice a month.

In case you already tried an automatic litter box but weren’t impressed by the results it’s probably because the cheaper models don’t really do such a great job and you still have to clean up manually, not to mention that the depositing space is limited and you will probably end up cleaning up more than with a traditional litter box.

With the sheer diversity of self-cleaning litter boxes available for sale, it’s only natural that your first choice wasn’t the right one. And the same overwhelming diversity could also be the reason you never bought one so far. Since it is very difficult to make up your mind with so many different models, functions and brands out there. Well, all your trouble is behind you now because this article will guide you through the steps of acquiring the best automatic cat litter box money can buy. We have gone through thousands of user reviews and product specifications in order to make your task easy as petting your cat.

Top 6 Automatic Cat Litter Boxes Compared

For starters, using the table below you will be able to easily compare the best self-cleaning litter boxes available on the market right now. Without going into details, you will be able to start shaping the image of the perfect cat litter box in your mind.

Top-rated Auto Cat Litter Boxes Reviews

Of course that we only want what’s best for our cats and investing in a kitty litter box is one of the things that every cat owner should consider. In the case of buying the best self-cleaning litter box is that it’s a win-win situation. From the cat’s perspective, it has a clean litter box after every use and from your perspective, there’s a lot less work to be done, less unwanted odor and hassle to take out the trash every time. In the following rows, you will be able to read complete reviews of the litter boxes available on the market right now.

Petsafe Scoop-ree – Self-cleaning Litter Box Review

The PetSafe automatic cat litter box is what you can call an average self-cleaning litter box when referring to the functions/price ratio. It’s quite affordable which makes it a good idea for when you’re just starting to think about upgrading your classical litter box. It can be bought in different versions, depending on the number of accessories it includes. The basic version will only get you the best automatic cat litter box at a price of over $100 but you can also choose to add an anti-tracking litter mat, a privacy hood or even the refills that you will have to buy at a later time anyway. With that in mind, it’s definitely the best approach to just get the refills along with the automatic litter box in order to prevent having to place an order twice.

If you’re interested in finding out the best features that the PetSafe Scoop-Free offer, then you’d be pleased to find out that, just as the name states, it can self-clean for weeks in a row with no need of cleaning, scooping or refiling. The special litter and cleaning solution it comes with will quickly absorb the urine and also dehydrates waste to remove odors almost instantly and keeping your bathroom clean and sanitary for a longer period. All the waste it collects goes into a covered box so you will never have to touch or see the smelly waste your cat leaves behind. All these functions combined make the PetSafe scoop free self-cleaning litter box a great choice for the money you spend on it.

User Chey mentioned that he was skeptical, but he and his cats came to love this little box within seconds. Now his two pets well taken care of.

Steph said she had no problems with PetSafe Scoopfree litter box for years and she definitely got her money worth.

Petsafe Scoop-free – Self-cleaning Litter Box


  • Very good autonomy even with multiple cats
  • Very efficient in cancelling the odors
  • Long intervals for emptying the waste box
  • Very cat-friendly – cats easily adapt to it


  • Not the best-looking litter box you’ll see but it does its job really well

The cats love it and after a short period of accommodation, it is both the best automatic cat litter box and a quite intriguing entertainment method as the mechanism that cleans it makes the cats very curious and wanting to investigate this miracle device that makes their poop go away. It’s a great deal for a self-cleaning litter box with its characteristics and functions and it really gets close to the promoted 30 days without cleaning, with one cat that is.

Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

Caring for your cat is a lot simpler now with the help of the Litter-Robot III Open-Air. Compared to other such products on the market, the Litter-Robot III comes with a series of innovations some of them that were developed over the course of several years. As soon as the cat exits the litter box, an automatic timer starts leaving some time for the waste to harden a little and the cat to completely leave the box before the cleaning cycle begins. Then, the globe slowly starts to rotate and separates the waste from the clean litter. All the waste goes into a special waste drawer and after all the cleaning process is done the best automatic cat litter box looks like it was never used before.

The Litter Robot is a great solution for households with multiple cats as it will save up to 50% of the litter you would normally use with a traditional box. It comes with an awesome 18 months warranty and a 90-Day Money-Back guarantee which may come in very handy in case your cat doesn’t really manage to accommodate it. A thing that very rarely happens since the automatic litter box has a special design in order not to frighten the kitties.

Amanda wrote that she’s happy with price and quality ratio and would buy another one if her breaks at some point. She has 2 cats who are very content with their functional litter box.

AJ Andersen in his review mentioned that he doesn’t have bad things to say about Litter-Robot III and called it ‘the best invention ever’.

Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box


  • No extra accessories needed
  • It can accommodate more than one cat
  • It’s ergonomic, quiet and good looking
  • Very sensitive sensor that can detect even the small cats


  • It is very pricey but with the great service you get, everything is worth it

We all know cats are majestic pets but some of them might just overdo it when it comes to their litter boxes. Some cats won’t go inside the litter box if it’s not perfectly clean and here’s where best automatic cat litter box like the Litter-Robot 3 can really change things. It’s true, it is a bit pricey but for all the work and smells it saves you and the fact that it can serve up to 3 cats, you’d even pay double.

Another great thing about the Litter-Robot is that you will need no extra accessories in order to get the best results out of it. It comes fully equipped and ready to make your cat and yourself happier for buying it and getting rid of all the waste picking-up you did in the past. It has a blue indicator that lets you know when the drawer is full, and it needs changing.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review

The CatGenie is the automatic litter box that promotes itself as the one and only box that self-washes after use. The promise is to never change, touch or buy litter ever again since the CatGenie collects all the waste only temporarily and then flushes it down the toilet. Yes, you will have to connect it to a water line in order for it to be able to flush out all the waste but that’s the best thing about it. When you take the decision of purchasing the CatGenie you get all the necessary tools to install it and use it right away. No need for extra devices, special adaptors or complicated cleaning products. All you have to do is unbox the CatGenie, install it – a process that will only take 10 minutes tops, leave your cats some space and time to accommodate and enjoy the advantages right away. This automatic litter box works great with multiple cats as well, the only thing that changes is that the cleaning cycles will modify a bit in order to accommodate all of your pets.

Curious about how the CatGenie works? This must be your lucky day because we as pet lovers wanted to find out exactly what is the mechanism behind it. Right after your cat gets out and the cleaning program starts, the first process is the scooping one.

  • Scooping – The CatGenie gathers the solids and liquefies them and then sends them to the toilet or drain, depending on how you set it up.
  • Washing – with the use of SaniSolution the automatic litter box scrubs, washes and purifies the granules leaving the box clean as new.
  • Drying – the cleaned granules are heated, dried and left warm and ready for your cat’s next visit.

While talking about CatGenie, Mike Whiteaker said his pets absolutely adore this litter box and he is finally freed from cleaning after them all the time.

A user by the name of Yepper wrote that he is content with this litter box model, which was a birthday gift from his sister. He says it’s quite sturdy and he had not had any problems with it for over a year now.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box


  • It works with washable granules instead of cat litter in order for the cats to also be able to cover and dig
  • Can be used for up to 6 cats
  • It gets connected to your toilet or drain
  • The package includes one spare bottle of SaniSolution and a box of granules


  • Quite a lengthy cleaning process but at least you get a really clean cat litter box afterwards

What makes the CatGenie kitty litter box special is the fact that it actually cleans the litter with the special solution and water, leaving behind a good-smelling litter box that cats love to use. The odor released in the house is almost not existent and you’ll also have no issues with finding litter granules in the house as these are specially designed not to stick on your cat’s paws. It has a short cleaning cycle compared to other models and makes it perfect for a family with two or three cats. All in all, an excellent litter box that does the job perfectly!

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Review

This innovative best automatic cat litter box offers a cleaning system that isn’t only very efficient and economical, it is also environmentally-friendly due to the organic substances it uses. One of the best aspects of the PetSafe Simply Clean self-cleaning litter box is that you will never require any additional accessories in order to use it on a daily basis. So, what you get is a great automatic litter that is very easy on your wallet, is eco-friendly and also keeps your feline friends happy as they will always have a clean and welcoming litter to use.

The days of scooping the waste manually are gone and this is an advantage both for you and the cats. While you’re at work or have to leave the house for several hours, they no longer have to use a dirty and waste-filled litter box, the PetSafe Simply clean litter takes care of everything giving them a fresh, good smelling litter box every time.

Other advantages of this best automatic cat litter box include the fact that it is very quiet thanks to its silenced motors and quality materials that work perfectly together to perform a fast and accurate cleaning without any unnecessary noise or dirt.

The price tag is also very friendly considering the multiple advantages this automatic litter box brings to any cat owner. And compared to other similar models, it is definitely worth every cent for the excellent job it does in cleaning the waste and keeping your bathroom clean and odor-free.

Steven Hernandez expressed his appreciation for PetSafe Self-Cleaning Litter Box and mentioned that previous litter boxes he owned were not even close to this one.

Rusty Gilpin, a verified customer, gave this litter box maximum love by giving it five stars and wrote that he forgot about the hassle of cleaning after his cats all the time.

YSC Utility Folding Wagon


  • Very easy set-up and doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty and it will be changed to a new model for any issues you face during this period
  • It only requires clean-up once every two weeks due to its awesome cleaning process
  • You save a lot of clumping litter thanks to the economic system it offers


  • You have to attach recycled bags to its waste compartment but they’re very cheap and makes the whole cleaning process very clean and easy to handle

The Petsafe Simply Clean litter box can be easily described as a game changer, being an awesome addition to any household. The ability to reuse plastic grocery bags is excellent and very advantageous. Firstly, you don’t have to spend more money to buy plastic bags, you simply reuse the ones from your groceries that you can easily store for later use. Secondly, you keep the environment cleaner for recycling and reusing the same bags for a longer time period. And lastly, you improve the performance of your automatic litter box without any additional effort or time wasted.

There were some issues reported with the motor of the PetSafe self-cleaning cat litter box due to the fact that it runs continuously. This happens especially if your cat weighs over 15lbs because the motor can get a bit overwhelmed with the added weight of the litter but other users found a quick fix for this potential flaw. You can buy a programmable socket and set it to run for one hour twice or three times a day. This is the perfect workaround to prolong the lifetime of the motor and also maintain a cleaning standard that can meet the expectations of even the most demanding cat owners.

If you check the reviews of other users online you will convince yourself that the Petsafe covered litter box is a fantastic unit and, like any other electronic or mechanical device, it might require maintenance and some minor modification as you consider fit. Bottom line is that you won’t regret buying this litter box that will literally make your life simpler and leave you with a happier cat.

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

The Littermaid LM980 totally eliminates the task of scooping daily for cat waste, maintains your home clean and good-smelling and is perfect for daily use and even when you have to leave home for longer periods of time, like a vacation or a cruise. It comes with an included paw cleaning accessory which is basically a ramp with abrasive padding that will take away any litter that sticks to your cat paws.

In order for the automatic cat litter box to start its cleaning cycle the sensor has to obturated for a minimum of 10 seconds, which is more than enough considering your cat will be in the litter box for far longer than that. Once the kitty leaves the automatic cat litter box, the sensor detects that she is out of the way and initiates the cleaning sequence. There’s a 10-minute delay from the moment the sensor detects the cat left and the actual beginning of the cleaning process in order to make sure your no accidents can happen. And even so, if in this time period of 10 minutes the cat re-enters the automatic cat litter box, the sensor will re-trigger another waiting period. Once the cleaning begins, the built-in automatic rake starts to move back and forth to scoop any waste clumps and deposit them safely in the receptacle. Here, the sealed box and active substances keep the waste totally isolated from the exterior, leaving no possibility for waste or odors to escape, giving you a perfectly clean bathroom and fresh air all day long.

The set-up of the Littermaid LM980 is a quick and simple process, you just have to follow 4 easy steps and then you’re done. It all starts with the preparation of the waste container which you have to place underneath the cover in the specified space. Simply attach the waste container by inserting the provided tabs into the holes you’ll find on the cover of the compartment. Then you easily secure the lid by slipping the outside edges under the tabs found in the waste container.

Moving on to step 2, you need to finish the preparation of the waste container by clearing the carbon filter and exposing the adhesive surface. You will need to place the filter with the adhesive facing down in the specially constructed diamond-shaped position right in the middle of the receptacle lid.

Once you’re done with the filter, you need to turn the automatic litter box around and mount the ramp that cleans the cat’s paws. This can be easily done by simply snapping the notches into the specially built-in orifices in front of the cover of the waste compartment. After you put it in place, make sure to test that it is firmly in place by pulling towards you quite firmly.

The fourth and final step represents filling the self-cleaning litter box with litter and making sure the level stays between the min and max gradations on the side of the box. You can any kind of clumping litter together with the Littermaid with no worries.

User L. Phillips suggested to use a more expensive cat litter since it doesn’t clump as much and expressed his love for the Littermaid LM980 after using it for 6 months. Josh wrote about how his mom’s two cats loved this litter box from the very beginning, which made him to get one for his cat Jinny.

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box


  • Durable and strong waste-driving mechanism
  • High walls to keep all the litter inside when your cat covers it
  • Can be used with multiple cats
  • Equipped with sensors that stop the cleaning process in case your cat gets back in the tray


  • Waste sometimes gets stuck on the scooping arms but that can be easily fixed by applying some plastic straws on them

After using this litter box for 6 months or more, you will feel bad for not turning to such a solution sooner. It does the job perfectly and saves you a lot of time, time that can be better spent petting your cats and enjoying their loving nature. With one cat usage, you will only have to replace the waste bin once a week and perhaps a thorough cleaning once a month. On average it will last for about 2 years before having some technical issue, usually the motor and the sensor, but this is a more than acceptable lifespan for a device like this.

Its dimensions are perfect to fit any cat no matter the size and it has walls high enough to keep in the litter even when they tend to cover it a bit too energetic. At the same time, it is perfect for daily use in a household that has up to three cats. Of course, you’ll need to check on it once every two days to make sure everything is in good order but other than that, it works perfectly. As long as you follow the usage instructions and keep the litter level between the recommended levels, you’ll never have to worry about your cat waste ever again.

Nature's Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

Nature’s Miracle litter box is a product you will immediately fall in love with. We all know that no matter the efforts we take to keep the house clean and fresh, it’s just an impossible task with the classic litter boxes, especially if you have a cat that uses the bathroom a lot. In terms of odor control, it does a remarkable job thanks to the active substances that can handle even the most powerful smell that the waste resulting from your cat. This is a big plus as many of the users of different models of automatic cat litters complained a lot about the device not being able to handle the smell-control side of things. And yes, it’s a nice thing not having to clean-up after your cat and always have a clean litter but if your house is still filled with cat poop smell, then the expense is not justified.

Another important aspect regarding Nature’s Miracle litter box is that it has a strong enough motor to handle big quantities of litter and if you have a gigantic cat, impressive quantities of cat poo. Again, with most of the other models available on the market, motor failure or laziness was a constant problem even when dealing with normal quantities of litter and poop. The exceptional motor that Nature’s Miracle large cat litter box is equipped with handles the tasks exceptionally well even though it makes it a bit noisy. Of course, that the vast majority of users will take the noise over a litter box that does not perform properly and truth-be-told it’s not a lot noisier than a refrigerator so as long as you keep it away from your bedroom you shouldn’t encounter any issues with it.

Happy Shopper talked about how Nature’s Miracle Litter Box helped her and her husband get rid of nasty smells they could stand for years which made them happier.

Christina Brown said she bought this litter box with no big expectations but now she can’t imagine her and her cats lives without it since it’s very simple to use and worth the money.

Nature's Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box


  • Excellent odor-control receptacles and carbon fiber filters
  • Works with any type of litter
  • One-year extended warranty
  • Powerful motor


  • Due to its powerful motor, it tends to get a little noisy, but that’s only natural for a well-cleaned litter box

Going online and reading what other users think about Nature’s Miracle litter box will further convince you that this is the right choice for your cat and you. Especially if you’re having a very busy schedule and don’t have enough time to clean after your cat, this automatic litter box will save you a lot of trouble. Especially if you have that type of cat that won’t go in the litter box if it’s not squeaky clean, you will have a lot of trouble. The cat might go do its business somewhere else around the house or even develop some health issues for refusing to go.

Setting it up is really easy and fast and it doesn’t require any sort of technical knowledge, just follow the instructions that come along with the litter box and you will be done in under 10 minutes. Also, before setting it up to make sure you have enough litter to go with it as it won’t work without a sufficient amount of litter in it, the sensor will not start the cleaning process without enough litter in it.

That being said, if you still had second thoughts about acquiring this product, there’s no more room for hesitation. It’s an excellent automatic litter box that will definitely improve the way you care about your cat and make your life easier. Not the mention the big plus that your cat will love you for always having a clean litter to use whenever she needs it. It could even improve the relationship you have with the cat since there were many recorded cases of cats that were unhappy due to a dirty litter box that didn’t suit their needs accordingly.

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box Buying Guide

a cat sitting in a covered litter box

As a cat owner, making the right decision regarding the best automatic litter box model to buy can be a very demanding task. With so many different models out there with all sort of functions and utilities, it’s no wonder that many people feel discouraged and would rather stick with the classical litter box that doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of their cat. And even if the cat is satisfied with the classic litter box, just think of how much time and unpleasant experiences you could save by making the right purchase.

And now you’re not all alone in the task of making the right decision regarding the make and model, we will assist with the perfect buying guide so that you choose the best self-cleaning litter box out there. Let’s start by enlisting some of the most frequent questions that may arise when shopping for a scoop free litter box.

How Can Automatic Litter Boxes Help?

You must have asked yourself this question a lot of time. And it’s natural for any cat owner to first consider the actual improvements such a litter box will bring before making the investment. It’s true that a good automatic litter box can really make things simpler for you and for your cat, but you need to stop and think about what is it exactly that you need.

If it’s the smell that bothers you, make sure to go for a model that is exceptional at neutralizing it through the use of several active substances that break down the bacteria in it. If on the other hand, you’re bothered by the time-consuming activity of having to clean-up after your cat and replacing the litter afterwards, you should go for a complete litter box, one that only requires some litter fill-up every now and then. You will be able to filter your searches in order to find the automatic litter box with exactly the specifications that are perfect for your situation and your cat.

It’s only natural that you want to make sure you really need such a product before buying it but if any of the above points are really concerning you, then the answer is right in front of you. The truth is that no matter how many reviews you read on the internet, you’ll never get the full experience with a product or a device before you try it out for yourself. So, if you’re not absolutely sure an automatic litter box is right for you, make sure to buy one that has a 30 or 90-day money back guarantee, like the Litter-Robot III Open-Air, for example. This way, you have the chance to test the product, check if your cat gets accustomed to it and, if anything goes wrong you can still return it and get your money back. Make sure to keep the original packaging along with any warranty or paperwork you received when buying the device.

Choosing Good-sized Cat Litter Box

cat entering a litter box

Once you’ve passed the stage in which you still consider if you really need an electric litter box and you came up with a positive answer, you may start to think you’re out of the woods. But the truth is that’s not true at all as all the ‘fun’ is just beginning. For starters, before even considering other technical aspects and specifications, you need to decide on the size of your next automatic litter box.

In making this choice you have to review some things that will definitely help you along the process. Start with how many cats you have. Even though it’s very unlikely that two cats will use the box at the same time since we know how delicate and privacy-freaks cats are, a bigger litter box is always better when you have more than one cat simply because that means a bigger waste recovery compartment, so you won’t have to empty it too often. The other aspect is related to the race of your cat and how big it will get when it grows-up.

Perks of Large Cat Litter Box

Being specially designed for large cats, such a litter box will give you the best value for your money. Buying a large box will ensure that your cat feels comfortable while using it and doesn’t have a hard time sitting there. It’s true, all cats love boxes no matter how small they are, but it’s a totally different story when it comes to litter boxes. You might have noticed that, while using the classical litter box that you own now, the cat often goes in and out of it several times trying to find the perfect position. Well, just imagine how hard it would be for her if the litter box isn’t enough for her to fit. To sum things up, buying a large cat litter box will allow you to rest assured that your cat will use it without difficulties, and the cleaning operations will be further apart due to the volume of its waste container. If you’re worried about space, you shouldn’t because even the largest automatic litter box will fit perfectly in your bathroom or closet.

Perks of Kitty Litter Box

The opposite of a large cat box, the kitty litter box is perfect for when your cat is a junior or doesn’t get too big even when it reaches adulthood. The perks of such a litter box are that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it perfect for small bathrooms and another advantage is that it will be a lot more silent than a large one, the motor having to deal with a smaller quantity of litter. Another perk of buying a kitty litter box is that you’ll spend less on it, allowing you to buy the high-end products.

Types of Auto Litter Boxes

cats with a brand new litter box

We’ve already established that there are almost unlimited types of litter boxes available in profile shops all over the internet. The trick when choosing the right box for your cat is defining its needs and how much manual interaction you still want to have.

Best High-Sided Litter Box

When opting for a high-sided litter box the trick is to establish just how enthusiastic your cat gets when it comes to covering up the poo. We’ve all seen cats that are really dedicated to this task and if you don’t have high enough walls to your litter box, the litter gets spread everywhere in the bathroom or even the entire house. In general, a litter box with high walls is great for any type of cat, you just have to be careful not to get one that makes it hard for the cat to jump into. With any model you choose, the complete dimensions of the product are displayed so you can make the right decision accordingly.

Top Entry Litter Box

You love your cat, so you want to get her the best possible product, especially when it comes to such an important aspect of their hygiene and comfort. The top entry litter boxes are the most common since it’s the natural positioning cats use in their natural environment. Going for a top entry letterbox, even though you’ll have to take more money out of your pocket, will ensure the perfect conditions for your cat. If you’re worried about making a big investment, just think about it this way. Why buy a cheaper litter box only to figure out it’s not doing a proper job and then having to buy an expensive one afterwards. The combined cost will get you even higher than just going for the top entry one right from the beginning.

Rotating Automatic Litter Boxes

Rotating litter boxes are considered to be a bit more efficient than the other models simply because the whole tray of litter rotates which allows the scooper in the back of the box to gather all waste in a more efficient manner. At the same time, they might be a little noisier due to the fact that the motor has to be larger in order to rotate the entire tray plus the litter and poo in it. But even the noisiest models aren’t that bothering, so you don’t have to worry about it too much.

Scoopfree Litter Box

Any automatic litter box you choose can be considered a scoop free litter box due to the fact that you don’t have to manually scoop the waste manually. But, of course, there are certain models that perform this task better than others. Let’s take the PetSafe Scoopfree model, for example, it’s one of the best scoop free litter boxes you can buy with years of perfecting the scooping process alone. Even so, there are users that found ways to improve the scooping process even further, like attaching some rubber padding on the scooping device so that waste doesn’t stick.

Covered Litter Box

A covered litter box is a way to go if you have an adventurous cat. Well, you might say that all cats are adventurous and curious by nature but when it comes to covered litter boxes, some of them might get scared and refuse to use it. Such a model has its advantages, especially the fact that no litter will ever escape it and it does a great job of keeping the odor inside. A covered litter box is also your best bet if you’re not such a fan of cat litter in your bathroom.

Multi Cat Litter Box

Just as the name suggests, going for a multi-cat litter box makes perfect sense if you own several cats. But that’s not the only situation it can prove to be very useful. It suits perfectly if you own a large cat that needs a lot of room. It is frequent among cat owners to question of a multi-cat litter box is a better idea than buying one individual automatic litter box for each cat they own. And the truth is that, even if you’d get more quality out of several litter boxes, a multi-cat box means less work for you and that’s the whole point.

Different Power Sources

If you’re concerned about how to connect your self-cleaning litter box to electricity, you should know that the models available on the market work just as fine with alternative or continuous current as well. Any wall socket in the house will provide just enough power for them to work properly. It’s recommended that the power source is located in the same room as the litter box in order to avoid having cables all over the place. Also, the shortest the power cord the better. Since we all know how cats love to play with everything they can get their paws on and you’d want to avoid any accidents.

Since we’re on the matter of power sources, a very useful hint found all over the internet is that you could connect the litter box to electricity through a programmable socket. That way, especially for the models that work through continuously cleansing, you can limit the usage of the motor and litter consumption, making your litter box even more efficient and durable. Of course, this method works if you only have one cat since owning several felines might lead to a waste pile-up and you really don’t want to come home and be welcomed by the scent of cat poo.

Where to Put the Cat Litter Box?

exploring the new cat box for litter

An automatic litter box can be placed almost anywhere around the house since they don’t take up a lot of space and are very clean. Most of the users prefer to place the litter boxes in their bathroom since it kind of makes sense that the cat should go do her business the same place you do. But there are a lot of people that are against this idea for sanitary reasons. Well, that’s exactly why a self-cleaning litter box is a perfect approach as it gathers the waste as soon as your cat makes it and stores it in a sealed container thus preventing the spread of germs and bacteria all over the bathroom.

Some cat owners keep their litter boxes in the bathtub in order to prevent litter being spread all around the bathroom or further in the house. Again, getting a good electrical litter box will also mean you don’t have to worry about this aspect anymore. Take the Littermaid LM980 for example, besides having walls high enough to ensure no litter goes out of the tray, it also comes with an abrasive mat that goes in front of the tray. That way, when the cat exits the litter box, it is forced to step on this mat that will take away any litter that sticks to its paws.

Do’s and Don’ts of An Automatic Litter Box

There little you can do to an automatic litter box that could be considered a “don’t” but just to be on the safe side, you might want to keep on reading this part at least for amusement purposes. So, things you should always avoid when using an automatic litter box. You should never wash it with water when still connected to the power source. Even after you unplug it, take into consideration that there are some electrical components that might get ruined so always read the instructions manual. Before performing monthly maintenance make sure to first remove all the litter and waste and never operate it while still being plugged in. Also, you should never try to interfere in its process of self-cleaning, that can lead to a serious malfunction and not even the warranty will cover it.

The “Do’s” can consist in common sense things like making sure it’s always connected to electricity, you place it properly in your bathroom or preferred depositing area, replacing any consumables that may need refilling, make sure to add litter if that’s the case. And the list could go on but as mentioned, is mostly a thing of common sense and following the instructions that come with the device.

Oh, almost forgot about one “don’t” that you should always keep in mind. No matter how desperate the situation gets when you have to use the bathroom and you live in a one-bathroom apartment, never consider using the cat litter box. It’s called a CAT litter box for a good reason, you might have very different results if you do so. Of course, this is something to make you laugh a bit, there’s no record of something like this actually happening.

Cat Litter Box Training

high tech cat toilet

No matter if we’re talking about classic litter boxes or the automatic, self-cleaning ones, cats are very sensitive pets and need everything to be perfectly set-up in order to feel comfortable enough to use them. Remember, cats are very hygienic and self-aware pets, so they won’t go anywhere around the house if there’s nothing wrong with the litter box you placed for them.

Surprising Reasons Why Your Cat Is Peeing Everywhere

Most of the issues come from the location of the litter box. Cats love privacy so make sure to place the litter box somewhere quiet where they are not disturbed too often. The presence of other pets in the area where you set up the litter box can influence them a great deal as well. Also, never think about placing the litter box anywhere close to where they sleep or eat. You wouldn’t want to sleep or eat in the bathroom, wouldn’t you?

Another possible reason why your cat chooses to do her business elsewhere around the house is a wrong choice of the litter box. This isn’t a problem for small cats and kittens, but big cats will need a toilet to match them. If a cat won’t fit properly in the litter box, it will usually pick another quiet place in the house to go to the toilet. You might get mad at them for that but never realize it’s your own fault the cat acted that way. If the litter box is too small, you will see cats hanging over the edge or not covering their poop as they can’t stand being over it to do so.

Your Cat Uses the House as His Litter Box

If you’re sure the litter size and location are perfect for your cat, but it still uses the house as a big litter box, you should consider a different approach. There are a lot of factors that can determine cats to pee or poop elsewhere than the litter box, so you have to go through them and eliminate every single one until the wanted behavior is obtained.

If you moved recently, that could be the cause right there. The cat is confused about the new house and will try to mark it with her own scent. A good workaround for this is keeping her confined in one room until she feels safe enough and then place the litter box in that room for her to use. This shouldn’t be the case with self-cleaning litter boxes but another reason your cat is refusing to use the litter box is that it isn’t clean enough. In such conditions check the litter box to make sure it’s functioning properly and, if needed, perform a total change of litter. Speaking of litter, this might be another reason why your cat refuses to use the litter box. There are certain types of litter that simply irritate them so go with a trial and error approach and test what your cat likes and what not.

Litter Box Maintenance: A Step-by-step Guide

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Performing maintenance for an automatic litter box is quite an easy task as there’s not much you have to do in order to keep it running in good conditions. Depending on the litter box model you went for, you will eventually have to change the bags for the waste compartment, add litter to reach the optimized level, fill-up the special cleaning solution chamber or perform some minor maintenance on the moving parts of the box.

Before starting to perform maintenance on your self-cleaning litter box, make sure it is unplugged from the power source. Afterwards, consult the manual to see how to properly dismantle the litter box so that you don’t lose warranty. Then proceed with the required maintenance that, besides the reasons mentioned earlier, can mean cleaning the water sensor, or simply cleaning the conveyor belt for some models.

No matter the type of maintenance you perform, always make sure you always follow the instruction that comes with the device and never go on if anything looks not right or something doesn’t come off easily enough.


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The bottom line is that when shopping for an automatic litter box, the first and most important thing you should keep in mind is the well-being of your cat. No matter what the online reviews say or different litter box manufacturers promise, trust the advice you get from friends or acquaintances that already used the product before anything else. Also, keep in mind that a litter box that is great for one cat can be totally inappropriate for another and that every pet is different due to many factors. One determining factor in that respect is the way you raised the pet to behave. If you always treated the cat with respect and did your best to make her feel comfortable and safe in your home and presence, you should have no major difficulties when it comes to accommodating it to a new self-cleaning litter box. Again, we want to stress the importance of opting for a device that has a test period or a 30, 60 or 90-days money back guarantee just in case you change your mind or can’t make your cat to use the specific device. By doing this you make sure the money isn’t lost and also get the chance to test several products without spending a small fortune. In the end, go with what your cat feels more comfortable with, even though it hasn’t got the best rating on the internet.

To sum things up, the most important aspects to take into consideration when choosing an automatic litter box are:

  • Size – a suitable box is the one that gives the cat enough room to position itself properly and feel comfortable while using the litter box. If your cat gets cramped inside the litter box, consider buying a new one immediately as your cat will use other spots in the house for sure.
  • A number of cats – if you own several cats, the ideal situation is to buy a different litter box for each one. While kittens may be willing to share their pooping space, adult cats treat this matter very seriously and it is a problem of territory for them. Most of the adult cats will seek for an alternative when they feel the scent of another feline in the litter box. Indeed, there are multiple cat models available but, even if it’s a bit more expensive, go the extra mile for your cats’ comfort.
  • Cat’s habits – if when using a classical litter box your cat had certain preferences regarding litter type or quality, placement, positioning or even dimensions of the litter box, try to recreate those conditions as closely as possible. Cats are very tied to their routine and they will resist any chance no matter how small. This, eventually, could lead to some serious problems with the cat going to the toilet in different parts of the house.
  • How much do you want to spend – As you saw in the rows above, some of the best self-cleaning litter boxes can be quite expensive. It’s true that you should make an effort and get your cat the best litter box possible, however, don’t overdo it and keep in mind that the most expensive one doesn’t make it the best option.
  • Space – with automatic litter boxes you will most probably need a permanent place for installing them. Before spending the money on a new litter box think about where you’re going to place it first and if you have the required space and possibility to hook it up to the toilet or drain. Also, make sure to have a power source close by so that you don’t risk having electrical cables all over your bathroom.

All things considered, based on our research and many happy customers who gave 5 star reviews, we’d like to recommend Petsafe Scoopfree Self-cleaning Litter Box since it has good autonomy even if you own multiple cats, is famous for being efficient in cancelling odors, has long intervals for emptying the waste box and is overall very cat-friendly and won’t cause you any your cats any stress.

We’re hoping that this article will come to your aid in the complicated task of deciding whether to get a self-cleaning litter box and also through the decision-making process of choosing the best-suited self-cleaning litter box for your cat. We’ve stressed out the importance of also thinking about your habits and needs when choosing a model.